Used dry van trailers for sale

53' dry van trailerErvin Equipment has a large selection of used dry van trailers for sale because we know people across the country are looking for dependable trailers at an affordable price. We have an inventory full of dry vans by the top manufacturers, including Stoughton, Wabash, and Hyundai


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The advantage of shopping with Ervin Equipment is you get the service of a reputable used semi-trailer dealer, rather than a private individual to work with. Trailers in our fleet are trusted by professionals across the US and Mexico — the same can't always be said for trailers sold privately. Buyers have the option to lease or finance trailers from our inventory and can apply online.


If your load must be refrigerated, you'll want to check out our reefer trailers. If your load is wide or tall, check out our inventory of flatbed trailers.



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Buying a Used Dry Van Trailer:


Before you buy a used dry van trailer, it's important that you make sure the trailer is compatible with your truck and matches its intended use. For example, in some applications, it makes more sense to purchase a flatbed semi-trailer or reefer trailer than it does a dry van.


Most of our dry van trailers for sale have a current FHWA Sticker* and are DOT-ready. We check for cracks, irregular formations, or fresh welds that could be the sign of a major repair. We also inspect the lights on our trailers, including brake lights and signals, to be sure all are operational. We check all electrical connections and wires for fraying or other wear and tear.


Used Dry Van Specifications:

  • Trailer length – 53’
  • Trailer width – 102”
  • Interior loadable space – 52’6” L x 101” W x 110” H
  • Aluminum construction
  • Swing, roll-door, and high lift rear door options


Please contact Ervin Equipment for more information on our 53' dry van trailers for sale, or with any questions regarding leasing or financing! 


* Some of our trailers may be sold as-is without a current FHWA Sticker


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