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Stoughton trailer dealerStoughton dry van trailers are designed with durability in mind. We have several of their revolutionary Z-Plate swing door trailers in stock and ready for the road, which you can view in our inventory below. We have new and used Stoughton trailers for sale here.


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Stoughton's Z-Plate vans are built from composite laminate panels, which offer superior durability in even the most demanding applications. These trailers for sale are more durable, and bolstered against daily wear and water damage.


The high base rail "Tough Plate" model rises almost 16" above the floor to offer protection while loading and unloading, as well as preventing water damage. If repairs are required, the panel design allows for easy replacement without requiring the removal of adjoining panels common with other plate trailer designs.



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With their Z+ composite trailers, featuring advanced features like the "Tough Plate," hot-dipped galvanizing, disc braking systems, and aerodynamic improvements, Stoughton's dry van trailers are helping lead the way in the trucking industry. View our inventory of Stoughton semi-trailers for sale below. Looking for something in a lower price range? Try our selection of used Stoughton trailers.


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