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Our secure financing application will guide you through the application process in a few steps. We supply trailers to restock large fleets or to give companies their first fleet of trailers. We’re able to accept various credit backgrounds: tell us about your needs. Have questions about a financing plan that will work for you? Head here.


Transporting truckloads worldwide can be a headache. We also partner with businesses to ensure a strategic, efficient plan for various types of shipping. Interested in Ervin Logistics instead? Learn more.


The Ervin Edge for Semi Truck Trailers


  • Search Nearby: 13 locations across North America, making for convenient pickup
  • Full inventories of popular brands, makes, and models
  • A proud dealer of Stoughton and Transcraft
  • Reduce administrative costs with pre-registered equipment (FHWA compliance)


After applying to purchase trailers, you will receive instructions for what to expect next.

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