Are you getting the maximum value out of your used trailer fleet?

Why Choose Us?

  • Three decades of experience
  • Industry knowledge
  • Multiple locations
  • Relationship driven
  • We are your one stop shop for Sales, Finance and Logistics

Experienced, Simple, Straightforward

In an ever-changing market our expertise can be the difference between merely liquidating your trailer fleet versus getting the maximum value out of your equipment. Our team and proven track record, gives you the Ervin edge.

How Does It work?

Steps to Ervin marketing your equipment:

  • Equipment can be stored on your property or on one of our lots across the US
  • Send us pictures and inspections of the equipment
  • Send title to us (title must be clean and in hand before equipment will marketed)
  • We will market to our extensive customer base and list digitally on the internet
  • Equipment sells
  • Equipment pick up by the buyer
  • We pay you for equipment minus commission and fees

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