Dry van trailers for sale

53' dry van trailer for sale

2021 Dry Van Trailers Available


Ervin Equipment has new and used dry van trailers for sale by the industry's leading manufacturers, including Stoughton, Wabash, and more. Scroll down to see our trailer inventory.


For loads that need to be kept refrigerated, look at our reefer trailers. 

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Dry Van Trailer Manufacturers


Ervin Equipment has a full inventory of new 2021 dry van trailers, as well as used trailers, from the top manufacturers in the industry, including Great Dane, Wabash, and Stoughton. If you are looking for a new or used semi-trailer for sale, our inventory is the best around.


Dry Van Trailer features:


Used to transport:

  • Dry food
  • Household goods
  • Hardware
  • Beverages
  • Clothing
  • Products that can be transported by truck and do not require environmental controls


Common Specifications: 

  • Trailer length – 53’
  • Trailer width – 102”
  • Interior loadable space – 52’6” L x 101”W x 110”H
  • Aluminum construction
  • Swing, roll-door, and high lift rear door options


Benefits of Dry Van Trailers


Dry vans are primarily used for moving non-perishable foods and beverages, textile and clothing items, and plastic and building products. While they don't necessarily offer the versatility of flatbed trailers, they do offer additional security and protection for shipped items.


The dry van and the flatbed are the most popular trailers used for freight shipping services on the road today. A swing door trailer is a fully enclosed trailer where the freight is typically loaded and unloaded from the rear of the trailer.


Dry Van Trailers vs reefer trailers


Dry vans are typically used to haul non-perishable and dry items: electronics, appliances, non-perishable food, and other things commonly hauled on pallets. Just about anything that’s dry, non-perishable, and will fit in the trailer can be hauled by a dry van.


A reefer trailer or refrigerated trailer is very similar. The main difference is that it can be temperature controlled using a kind of portable HVAC system. Reefers often haul several LTL shipments in one load to more than one location. Anything perishable or that requires a certain stable temperature can be hauled in a reefer.


The reefer truck has several parts, including an evaporator, condenser, compressor, and reefer engine attached to the trailer that runs the HVAC system. It’s also much more insulated than a typical dry van. But the dimensions are similar at 48′ to 55′ long, 13′ 6″ high, and 102″ wide.  


Used Dry Van Trailers


In the market for a used dry van trailer at a reduced rate? Find the perfect used trailer with Ervin Equipment. We have a wide selection of used dry van trailers for sale in various sizes and suspension types from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.


Our used dry vans keep your cargo clean and dry, an ideal choice for shipping items that are sensitive to moisture. Before you buy a used dry van trailer, it's important that you make sure the trailer is compatible with your truck and matches its intended use. For example, in some applications, it makes more sense to purchase a flatbed or reefer trailer.


Most of our trailers have a current FHWA Sticker* and are DOT-ready. We check for cracks, irregular formations, or fresh welds that could be signs of a major repair. We also inspect the lights on our trailers, including brake lights and signals, to be sure all are operational. We check all electrical connections and wires for fraying or other wear and tear.


We have dry vans for sale at 13 locations across the United States & Mexico. If you’re ready to purchase a semi-trailer you’ve found for sale here, apply now.


Used Dry Van Trailer Types


Ervin Equipment carries a variety of used dry van models, including:

  • Dry van trailers with swing doors: this industry-standard helps maximize available cargo area
  • Dry van trailers with roll-up door: these trailers offer increased efficiency and security options
  • Dry van trailers with heater: protect freeze-sensitive cargo
  • Dry van trailer with side doors: a side door offers increased compartment accessibility and improved productivity. 
  • Sheet and Post Vans: These durable, lightweight dry van trailers are ideal for LTL shipping needs.
  • Plate Vans: The fiberglass or composite panels are capable of carrying your wider shipping loads.


Used Dry Van Trailer Sizes


We carry used dry vans ranging from 45 feet to 53 feet in length to accommodate all different sizes of freight. Dry van trailer dimensions vary by state, so make sure to know your local regulations.


Here For All Your Dry Van Trailer Needs


Ervin Equipment offers used dry van trailers for sale in addition to a wide selection of other commercial trailers for sale, including flatbeds, reefers, and more. We look forward to working with you.


Our knowledgeable technicians can help with advice on maintaining dry van trailers, as well as purchase advice to best match your trailer needs. Contact any of our dry van trailer locations to speak to one of our sales experts.


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