Reefer trailers for sale

2017 utility reefer trailer: for sale or lease At Ervin Equipment, we have several different reefer trailers for sale. Our inventory includes trailers by the top manufacturers, including Great Dane and Utility, and is inspected and DOT-ready before purchase. 


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Reefer trailers share a lot of similarities with their dry van trailer counterpart, with the biggest difference being the small diesel engine, compressor, and condenser designed to maintain a specified temperature inside the trailer. Both usually measure between 48 and 55 feet in length and are designed to haul multiple shipments in one run. The term "reefer" is slang for "refrigerated," though some units can heat rather than cool.


Modern reefer trailers are used to haul many products including produce, photography supplies, chemicals, computers, human blood, plasma, and medical supplies. Most manufacturers have two models, single temp & multi-temp for more customization.



Key features of our reefer trailers for sale:

Modern reefer trailers now include warning systems like gauges mounted on the reefer’s dash to display the trailer’s temperature, enabling drivers to make adjustments as necessary in real time.


Reefer trailers are used to transport:

  • Food
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Medical products
  • Frozen items
  • Products that require cooling or stable temperatures


Features of reefer trailers include:

  • Trailer length: 53’
  • Trailer width: 8'6"
  • Interior loadable space: 52’6” L x 101”W x 110”H
  • Aluminum construction
  • Refrigeration units manufactured by ThermoKing, Carrier, and Genesis
  • Swing, roll-up, and high lift rear door options 


f you do not need a refrigerated unit, check out our dry van trailers.


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