Used reefer trailers for sale

Reefer trailers for sale in bulkProfessionals across the United States rely on Ervin Equipment for our inventory of used reefer trailers for sale. Buyers know that they can count on a trailer from us to get them where they need to go, time and time again. We have trailers by the top, trusted brands like Stoughton, Wabash, and Transcraft.


Buying a used reefer trailer is advantageous for someone starting out as an owner-operator, providing a cost-effective entrance into the industry. For companies that are growing quickly, buying used is an effective way to quickly grow a fleet.


Buyers have the option to lease or finance trailers from our inventory. Apply today for a single trailer or a whole fleet of your choosing.


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Buying a used reefer trailer: 


One of the primary concerns in buying a used reefer trailer is ensuring the upper structure is sound. Reefer trailers that have not been properly maintained or are simply past their operating prime will develop leaks or begin to absorb moisture, reducing efficiency and effectiveness. Before reefer trailers leave our lots, we check door seals, ceilings, and floors to make sure no issues are present. 


Most of our trailers have a current FHWA Sticker* and are DOT-ready. We check for cracks, leaks, and other signs of wear. We also inspect the lights on our trailers, including brake lights and signals, to be sure all are operational. Our reefer trailers have lots of life left.


Reefer trailers share a lot of similarities with their dry van trailer counterpart, with the biggest difference being the small diesel engine, compressor, and condenser designed to maintain a specified temperature inside the trailer. Both usually measure between 48 and 55 feet in length and are designed to haul multiple shipments in one run.


If you do not need a refrigerated unit, check out our used dry van trailers.


* Some of our trailers may be sold as-is without a current FHWA Sticker