Flatbed semi trailers

2016 Fontaine lightly used flatbed trailers for saleErvin Equipment has a wide selection of flatbed semi trailers for sale or lease. As one of the country's largest dealers of New Stoughton, New Transcraft, and Used Wabash trailers, our inventory is trusted for hauling construction materials, machinery, tools, components and equipment across all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada. You can vie w our flatbed trailer inventory below.


The versatility of a flatbed semi-trailer makes it one of the most widely used trailers in the transportation industry. They can be loaded from the top, sides, or rear. Unlike a van trailer with similar dimensions, a flatbed trailer can handle freight up to 102" wide and can be safely loaded from all sides.


Our flatbed trailers for sale typically ship items that are large or wide, items that need to be loaded by a crane, or from the side with a forklift. Their design makes them ideal for hauling construction materials, machinery, tools, components, and equipment, as well as transporting large quantities of stackable or well-wrapped products.


Examples of typical flatbed cargo:

  • construction equipment
  • machinery
  • tubing
  • lumber
  • scaffolding
  • Steel products


Flatbed Semi Trailer Dimensions:

  • Length – 45’ to 53’
  • Width – 8' to 8'6” (8'6" is the max width throughout the US and Canada - exceeding this dimension will require special permits)
  • Weight – 48,000 lbs (the max combined weight of the tractor, trailer, and cargo cannot exceed 80,000 without a special permit, leaving about 48,000 lbs for cargo)
  • Steel, aluminum, or steel/aluminum combination construction
  • Variable axle and suspension settings for different applications and to meet various state laws


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For loads exceeding a width of 8'6" or weight of 48,000 lbs, see our selection of drop deck trailers for sale (also known as step deck trailers), which are similar to their flatbed counterpart, except that they feature two deck levels, allowing it to haul taller and heavier loads than a regular straight floor flatbed. Double drop trailers are also closely related to the standard flatbed trailer but feature a longer piece of trailer (called a “well”) in the middle that dips below trailer axles. The well ranges from 25 to 29 feet, making it ideal for taller, shorter freight.


Contact Ervin Equipment today to discuss terms for purchasing or leasing. If you need your cargo covered, check out our dry van trailers. Should your load need refrigeration, check out our inventory of reefer trailers.