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Advantages of Ervin Lease

  • Save capital by reducing administrative & maintenance costs
  • Receive proper maintenance with our service packages
  • Simplify operations with pre-registered vehicles compliant with FHWA regulation
  • Short Term & Long Term agreement options available
  • One-Way Leases that coordinate a drop off location at an equipment lot nearest your lease’s final destination


Ervin E-Funding & Financing

At Ervin, we’ve employed administrative staff with experience in the Finance sector. Our team is able to find suitable financing partners for all kinds of needs, including unique credit circumstances. Even in tough conditions for lending, Ervin can help you reach your budgeted expense goals like no other trailer leasing company.


  • Straightforward loan agreements
  • No hassle Lease-to-Own plans
  • 24-Hour turn-around approvals
  • Offering startups to fleets in small numbers
  • Flexibility to work with varied credit history


Have financing questions? Head here.

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